Junior Camp

Rev. Garrett Robertson - Monday PM - A Promise in Your Problem

Rev. Garrett Robertson - Tuesday PM - Made Simple

Rev. Garrett Robertson - Thursday PM - Forget Tradition

Rev. Noah Watt - Tuesday AM - The Man in the Metro Station

Rev. Noah Watt - Wednesday AM - One TBSP

Rev. Noah Watt - Thursday AM - Hold on to Your Fork

Senior Camp

Rev. David Bryan - Monday PM - Shoes Off

Rev. David Bryan - Tuesday PM - The Boy Who Would Be King

Rev. David Bryan - Wednesday PM - Sleeping Giants

Rev. David Bryan - Thursday PM - Firewalkers

Rev. Cliff East - Tuesday AM - The Problem with Chimpanzees

Rev. Cliff East - Wednesday AM - White Flag

Rev. Cliff East - Thursday AM - A Selfless Generation in a Selfie World


Evening Service

Rev. Adam Shaw - Divine Disruption

Rev. Adam Shaw - Hit the Brakes

Rev. Adam Shaw - The Devil is A Liar

Day Service

Rev. LJ Harry - If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It.

Rev. LJ Harry - If It Ain't Broke, Break it.


Junior Camp

Rev. Rema Duncan - Monday PM - Keep Your Head in the Cloud

Rev. Rema Duncan - Tuesday PM - Inside Job

Rev. Rema Duncan - Wednesday PM - Download & Listen

Rev. Rema Duncan - Thursday PM - Download & Listen

Rev. Matt Woodward - Tuesday AM - Developing in the Dark

Rev. Matt Woodward - Wednesday AM - Download &

Rev. Matt Woodward - Thursday AM - Download &

Senior Camp

Rev. Chantry Dean - Monday PM - Close is Not Good Enough

Rev. Andrew Romine - Tuesday PM - What Hinders You?

Rev. Andrew Romine - Wednesday PM - Choosing What God Forgets

Rev. Andrew Romine - Thursday PM - You Are Made for This

Rev. Ryan Dean - Tuesday AM - Velleity

Rev. Ryan Dean - Wednesday AM - Alone